Buy a variety of models of Smart Sprinkler Controller/Smart Wi-Fi Irrigation Control/Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Controller/Intelligent Sprinkler Controller Gardening Automatic Irrigation Water Timer Automatic Watering Device. Suitable for watering and drip irrigation, this watering programmer is a good supply for smart home automation. We have the lowest prices you’ll find.

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  • Tuya WiFi + Bluetooth 16 Zones Smart Irrigation Controller EU/US/UK Standard Garden Automatic Sprinkler Controller $59.99

    【Support 2.4G and 5GBLE】: Support BT Fast Link, BT Pairing, fast response, support BT 5.0 distribution network, support 2.4G & 5G network connection, compatible with dual-band network.
    【Remote App Control】: Remote watering through your cellphone no matter when or where you are. And support set the watering schedule and check the watering record through your cellphone.
    【Weather Linkage & Weather Delay】: Real-time detection of changes in ambient temperature and humidity, linked to weather changes, and stop watering on rainy days to save water. Support work in a low-temperature environment works (up to -10℃). Support delay irrigation on rainy or snowy days.
    【Support 16 Zones Max】: It supports control of up to 16 zones of solenoid valves. On/Off solenoid valve power supply to irrigation.
    【Two Watering Modes】: Mode 1, Circulating watering for all the set zones; Mode 2, Watering for zone 1 all the time, and circulating watering for other set zones. Check the zone/area watering plan; Modify the zone/area name and zone/area picture.
    【Schedule Time】: Timed irrigation program setting, support for custom irrigation zones, and duration, irrigation method, and circulation mode. The maximum duration that can be set is 2 hours.
    【Device Share】: Support single device sharing and home sharing, and you can share with your family, creating an intelligent home together with your family members.
    【Intelligent Scene】: Using the humidity sensor as an example, if the humidity is detected to be less than 31%, the Link sprinkler controller will be turned on.
    【Alternative Network】: Automatically switched to the alternative network if network exception occurs after setting.
    【Notifications Settings】: With fault alarms and push notification functions. The screenshot shows all push settings of the APP; if you turn off push here, all devices in the APP will not send notifications, but it will not affect the message records.
    【Restore Default】: Deleting the device through the app will clear the data and restore the default values.
    【Wide Applications】: Small-size garden irrigation water timer is perfect for irrigation applications, suitable for garden yard lawn watering, greenhouse potted plant drip irrigation, pool water storage, water fog cooling, temporary watering, and other scenarios.

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