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  • Tuya Handheld 2.4 inch LCD Home Center Control IR Remote Controller Smart WiFi IR Smart Remote Controller $94.99

    1. Multiple control methods: handheld remote control, center control screen control, and mobile phone app control.
    2. It can control multiple intelligent home devices.
    3. Compared to other center control screens, this handheld center control screen has undergone significant upgrades in lots of aspects. For example, it supports IR remote control operation, handheld use, and button control, more comprehensive functions.
    4. IR control, can be used as a remote control.
    5. Privacy function, can only be set and viewed through mobile phones for privacy scenarios and devices.
    6. Equipped with an LCD display screen, dynamically displaying the date and time, provides you with daily weather updates and serves as your daily assistant. You can also add commonly used scenes and devices to the homepage for easy one-click operation.

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